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B~Fire Yoga

​​Brad is very passionate about yoga and health! He has spent years closely studying the therapeutic benefits of yoga.  He ensures students are able to learn the alignment and form of postures, without pushing past their boundaries and becoming injured.  His forte is to connect with people easily while delivering a full energy class to make yoga more understandable and enjoyable!

Brad went to Bikram yoga teacher training in the fall of 2000.  Since then he operated his own Bikram yoga studio for more than 11 years and has been teaching yoga for 17 years.  He has successfully taught 10,000 classes with more than 300,000 practitioners in his room.  He is the President of the Canadian Yoga Federation and has hosted, judged and emceed yoga competition events in Canada and the U.S. including the International Yoga championships! He has been coaching yoga athletes for years leading them to the top in male, female and youth division's.

The 'Fire' class: A 'Fire' class is a 2-hour class but is similar to the 90 min structure, 26 postures 2 breathing exercises in the hot room. It is designed for all levels, beginner's or new students are most welcome! The additional 30 min is describing more details of the postures, medical benefits and individual corrections, asking  questions is encouraged.  This class is extremely popular and what everybody loves, good corrections, good form, good fire!
Posture clinic:  4 hrs long. (or pending attendance)

It starts with an introduction of what the class is and who the foundry Bikram is all about. It goes into breathing techniques and description of postures from beginning to end explaining technique and form from beginner to expert. The class is held in a non – heated room but students must be dressed for doing postures as we go through each one, all the details, and all the corrections for everyone. Each student get's personal attention so they understand clearly. They can ask questions throughout the clinic.

a 1 hr talk on 'why yoga'. Where to start, why to start. I don't think I can, my doctor says...,

I like running.. I'm too old,. These conversation are addressed and all questions are answered with this - pre-yoga class talk. Inviting anyone one that has never tried yoga, and are maybe to scared, or for someone to just have more information about this magic Bikram class.

B~Fire Yoga      

"Mental Health is the future, the body is the temple, the mind is master, learn to take care of it all with Yoga"

– Brad Colwell, 'Suffering is a Pleasure'